Global ID Marketing Ltd, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Azista Industries Pty; a large Indian conglomerate to supply its unique RFID code for Identification of animate & inanimate assets.

Utilising Global ID’s world recognised brand Micro-ID™, Azista, a leading technology company for Human Health to Satellite launching will be promoting Global ID’s unique Microchip codes for identification of animals across its Agricultural Division for animal health programmes and other related Identification and Registration systems.


Global ID Marketing (GID) is a developer and wholesaler of Electronic Identification (EID) using passive microchip transponder technology, that most people will associate with microchips for animal identification.

The technology has been on the market since the early nineties but has only recently been accepted as the normal way of proving ownership or provenance.

Richard Fry, one of the Directors of GID was an early pioneer launching AVID Plc into Europe in 1990. Fry also served on the ISO working group 3 which standardised the technology for use in animals in 1996 which is known as ISO 11784 & 11785 used by many governments for the identification of various sectors of both food animals and pets.

With his vast experience at the helm; Micro-ID is now recognised as one of a handful of leading influences in the world of animal microchipping as reported in a recent report by “Global Banking & Finance Review” “Pet Microchips Market”.


Said Richard Fry, “signing a distribution deal with such a large organisation is not just a thrill for us, but shows that the size of the business means nothing as long as you have the knowledge and expertise!”

It is this expertise that Azista, whose philosophy strives to leverage cutting-edge technologies to create innovative products that satisfy the discerning needs of the modern-day consumer wishes to capitalise on.

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