Micro ID & Animal Tracker

Why Buy Microchips through Micro ID?

Micro-ID works exclusively with Animal Tracker; one of the UK’s most established and DEFRA compliant Microchip registration databases to bring you a package that you and your pet can trust.
Pet Microchip Registration
with Animal Tracker
Animal Tracker provides complete peace-of-mind registration; offering UK-based 24/7 telephone support 365 days a year to help find lost pets and is fully compliant with current legislation relating to registration and record keeping for dogs.
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Scanner Angel
Helping Find Pets Quicker
Not only that; all registrations include Scanner Angel, which helps find missing pet quicker by sending the microchip number to it’s network of scanners and alerts the owner when and where they are found.
Special Breeder Benefits
The process is designed with Breeders in mind; with access to a dedicated online account using the Register a Litter where they can initiate a Transfer of Keepership for multiple puppies or kittens FREE!

With new owners receiving the new transfer code instantly via SMS and email, making the process so easy and stress-free.