The Government-Approved Micro-ID Microchip Implantation Training Course

The Micro-ID Microchip Implantation Course is Government-approved and has been developed to maintain the highest possible standards of welfare and safety for pet microchipping in the UK, enabling pet professionals to safely and correctly implant microchips into dogs, cats, rabbits or ferrets.

About the Training Course

In February 2015, the government introduced new regulations stating that any non-veterinarian wishing to complete microchip training must complete an approved course. As one of the worlds’ leading and most-established microchip providers; Micro-ID has created a government approved microchip training course to offer people in the pet industry an affordable training solution to enable them to implant microchips safely in co-operation with MTA to the highest standards.

What does the training involve?

Our course is supported by the manual and pre-course material (this includes a written assessment), which is sent in advance of the practical session and will give you more time with the trainer on the day, he/she will then go through the questionnaire with you. On the day the practical training; you will have a good understanding of the microchipping procedure and we will spend at least 2 of hours running through the theory of microchipping, including a thorough look at all the different types of equipment available, the database and finally the procedure itself. You can be trained to use either or both the Mini-Chip or 12mm microchip.

Once you have been trained to use the equipment, there will then be a formal assessment where you must demonstrate the procedure and your understanding of how all the equipment works to our assessor. Once you have successfully completed both the pre-course material and the practical assessment, the reports made by the assessor will be sent to an internal verifier for approval. If all the National Occupational Standards are met, a Government approved certificate will be issued.

Do I need any animals for the training?

You will be required to provide a minimum of 3 animals per person for the course to microchip, plus a demonstration animal for the trainer. You must provide at least 1 dog per person, the other animals can be a dogs, cats, rabbits or ferrets, they must be of good health and in the case of kittens and puppies, we advise they have had their 1st vaccination however this is not compulsory.

How long will the practical training take?

You should allow 1 full day to undertake and complete the practical training

Can I do it in a group?

Yes you can undertake the practical training with friends or colleagues, as long as you have sufficient animals to each person

Where can I do the training?

The training can be undertaken in the comfort of your own home or another venue with a group if wish

How much will the training cost?

The cost will depend on your location and how many people are attending, but generally between £250 – 400 per person.

Do I need to top-up my training every year?

No this is a one-off course, once you have completed the training that’s it – you are a qualified, government-approved microchip implanter!

If you have any sort of disability or condition you feel may affect your ability to microchip please contact our office to discuss your concerns further, to be able to complete the microchip training you should be confident handling animals on your own.

Should you have any questions or would like further information please contact Micro-ID on 01444 831500 or via