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Mini 8mm Microchip Syringe – Pack of 10

Swiss Engineered  ST214 sterile Syringe pack contains; a ready to use disposable syringe, pre-loaded with the 8mm x 1.4mm microchip and a strip of bar code labels.
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Halo Scanner

£49.99 inc. VAT
This impressive piece of kit is Scanner Angel® compatible; once connected to your computer it updates the scanners memory with any animal reported missing on the scanner angel database, Petlog or DogLost. So when you scan an animal that has been reported lost or stolen, the device will notify you immediately, helping you reunite the animal with its rightful owner. The Halo can now read Biotherm Microchips. The scanner is available with a handy case complete with a USB lead for charging the scanner’s internal rechargeable battery, car charger and instructions on where to download the Scanner Angel® Software. (Please note, the software will need to be installed before plugging the scanner into a computer for charging and is only available for Windows.

Halo Scanner Deluxe Bundle

£69.95 inc. VAT
The Halo Scanner Deluxe Bundle comes complete with The Halo Scanner & Carry Case in a colour of your choice and includes a handy Car Charger and Test Chip

Standard 12mm Microchip Syringe – Pack of 20

£39.80 inc. VAT
ST220 sterile Syringe pack contains; a ready to use disposable syringe, pre-loaded with the 2mm x 12mm microchip and a strip of bar code labels.  
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Standard Microchip Implant Gun 12mm

Standard Implant Gun
This implant gun is to be used with the standard 12mm microchips needle and gun format.
Uses 12mm x 2.12mm ISO FDXB microchip
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MID20 Handy Scanner

£49.95 inc. VAT
This rechargeable easy to use microchip scanner is lightweight 60g (2.0oz). Reads FDXB ISO 1174/5 microchips. Includes case and charger Can be scanned direct into a PC. Blootooth model available
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micro ID-ST220G product

Standard 12mm Microchip Needle (20 Pack) for implant gun

£39.80 inc. VAT

12mm x 2.12mm ISO FDXB microchip

The Standard 12mm microchip needle assembly for the 12mm Implant Gun is Swiss Engineered to comply with both the dog chipping legislation and the EU equine legislation.
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Meadow Range – Dog – Inc. Seeds

£37.99 inc. VAT
These cards have thoughtful yet tasteful images and are printed on premium quality paper and card – to help your practice convey your empathy on the loss of your clients companion. All cards are made and printed in the UK.

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