As one of the leading Pet Microchip suppliers we pride ourselves on only selling the latest in pet microchips and microchip scanners. As pet owners ourselves at Micro ID we understand the stress and heart ache that losing a pet can entail, that’s why we make sure that all of our beloved animals are microchipped to prevent the horro of them getting lost. It’s vital to understand that dog and cat microchips are easily avaialble and should certainly be in any pet in 2015! If you are a vet looking for some new supplies then we have a great range to choose from. From our Halo Microchip Scanner to our implantable microchips we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

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Mini-Microchip 1.4 x 8mm – Pack of 10

Swiss Engineered  ST214 sterile Syringe pack contains; a ready to use disposable syringe, pre-loaded with the 8mm x 1.4mm microchip and a strip of bar code labels.

Halo Scanner Deluxe Bundle

£69.95 inc. VAT
The Halo Scanner Deluxe Bundle comes complete with The Halo Scanner & Carry Case in a colour of your choice and includes a handy Car Charger and Test Chip

2mm x 12mm Microchip – Pack of 10

£19.90 inc. VAT
ST220 sterile Syringe pack contains; a ready to use disposable syringe, pre-loaded with the 2mm x 12mm microchip and a strip of bar code labels.  

MID20 Handy Scanner

£49.95 inc. VAT
This rechargeable easy to use microchip scanner is lightweight 60g (2.0oz). Reads FDXB ISO 1174/5 microchips. Includes case and charger Can be scanned direct into a PC. Blootooth model available

Smart Bracelet

£29.99 inc. VAT
Bluetooth smart bracelet for health monitoring, includes real-time temperature measurement

Halo Scanner

£49.99 inc. VAT
This impressive piece of kit is Scanner Angel® compatible; once connected to your computer it updates the scanners memory with any animal reported missing on the scanner angel database, Petlog or DogLost. So when you scan an animal that has been reported lost or stolen, the device will notify you immediately, helping you reunite the animal with its rightful owner. The Halo can now read Biotherm Microchips. The scanner is available with a handy case complete with a USB lead for charging the scanner’s internal rechargeable battery, car charger and instructions on where to download the Scanner Angel® Software. (Please note, the software will need to be installed before plugging the scanner into a computer for charging and is only available for Windows.

SDL400S Stick Reader

£649.00 inc. VAT
It has a fantastic read range making this scanner a vital piece of kit for anyone scanning large animals and wild species.

DW152S Stick Reader

£449.99 inc. VAT
The DW152S Stick Reader provides the basic RFID reader functions of reading, storing, displaying and transmitting via USB or Bluetooth the identification code contained within a passive transponder for real time and batch mode data logging.

Barcode Scanner

£24.99 inc. VAT
This is a hand-held contacted scanning scanner with a red LED CCD reader with ergonomic appearance and design. It can read different kinds of linear barcodes accurately with multi-interfaces (USB), and also it can resist collision after repeated 1.5m drops to the concrete.

Nail Tag – Security Microchip

£1.39 inc. VAT
Non-Biological RFID applications - Tracking and Tracing - Nail Tag.