Leading, specialist pet microchip provider; Micro-ID has launched a brand-new premium microchip at only £1.99 which comes with a lifetime guarantee, giving implanters and breeders alike complete peace-of-mind.

Premium Swiss-engineered Design & Eco-Friendly

The new reliable ISO 944 premium microchip is crafted in Switzerland, a place known for their exacting and high-quality engineering processes as found in their famous watches; it seemed fitting to bring a product to the market that shares the same high standards.

Ever aware of their environmental responsibilities; the trusted, specialist supplier of microchips has also ensured that over 90% of the product packaging is biodegradable, keeping waste to a minimum.

Pet Microchip Registration that Breeders can Trust

Micro-ID works with Animal Tracker; one of the UK’s most established and DEFRA-compliant microchip registration databases, offering unparalleled benefits to breeders and new puppy owners alike.

As well as offering complete peace-of-mind with their UK-based 24-hour/7 days a week lost & found service; the process of registering chips is designed with Breeders in mind.

For a one-off discounted fee of £7.95 (RRP £14.00) breeders reading this will gain access to a dedicated online account, where they can initiate a Transfer of Keepership for multiple puppies completely FREE! With new owners receiving the new transfer code instantly via SMS and email, making the process so easy and stress-free.

Said Micro-ID Founder, Richard Fry “we’re really excited about this new chip; while in the past we have offered products that weren’t always the cheapest, we knew they were good quality and felt confident offering these to customers. This new chip represents both – high quality and affordability which comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s the perfect accompaniment with the Animal Tracker package“

To Find out more call freephone 0808 123 2447 or email: sales@micro-id.co.uk, alternatively visit: www.microidglobal.com

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