Micro-ID has launched a new Nano Microchip with a smaller needle designed to be less invasive, perfect for smaller dog breeds making microchipping from a younger age easier and quicker.

Reliable with a Lifetime Guarantee

The new Nanochip is versatile, just like any other microchip implanted into small pets such as small dog breeds right up to larger equivalents such as Great Danes, and Just like the existing range of reliable microchips; the leading, specialist provider offers a lifetime guarantee with every chip, giving implanters and breeders alike complete peace-of-mind.

Pet Microchip Registration Included

Each Microchip comes with registration included as standard with Animal Tracker; one of the UK’s most established, DEFRA-compliant microchip registration databases, offering unparalleled benefits to breeders and new puppy owners alike.

Providing complete peace-of-mind with their UK-based 24-hour/7 days a week lost & found service; the process of registering chips is designed with Breeders in mind; with access to a dedicated online account, where they can initiate a Transfer of Keepership for multiple puppies completely FREE!

Said Richard Fry, MD of Micro-ID “We understand that breeders and implanters are sometimes nervous about microchipping very small puppies, such as chihuahuas – this new Microchip makes it easier with a smaller needle and less invasive”

Introductory Discount PLUS Bundle Deals!

To celebrate the launch of the new Nano microchip; Micro-ID is offering a special 15% introductory discount across the entire range, meaning you can pick the new chips from only £2 each including Registration!

It doesn’t end there; a special bundle offering a free scanner with 100 chips is also available too which can be redeemed at their website www.microidglobal.com by entering code NANO15 at the checkout.

To Find out more call freephone 0808 123 2447 or email: sales@micro-id.co.uk, alternatively visit: www.microidglobal.com

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