Specialist RFID pet microchip provider Global ID using its well-known brand, Micro-ID, has launched in America with a new GPC Smart collar tag allowing anyone with a smartphone to identify a pet’s identity and its owner.

Launching officially at APCO 2022 in August; the new Smart Tag brings pet identification from it’s analog past into today’s digital age by allowing first responders to quickly, easily and securely access animal information and reunite them with their owners in an emergency.


Developed by US based Technology specialist, Syneroid Technologies this innovative reunification system will interface with FirstNet powered by AT&T using the NFC/QR GPC Smart Collar Tag but will also provide double protection and peace of mind using a Global ID America microchip as a reliable back-up to quickly identify lost and strayed pets.

Said Global ID Managing Director, Richard Fry: “we are so excited about this new product being launched for the first time in America; and proud to be providing our licenced premium ISO 944 pet microchips under the Global ID America brand as part of this new, ground-breaking system of animal reunification!”  


With less than 10% of dogs and less than 2% of cats in the US microchipped, this new approach offers a real opportunity to democratise animal reunification without the need for specialist equipment such as microchip scanners and in a much quickly and secure way. By using a simple everyday Smartphone, animals in need can be scanned and found quicker and easier than before and if there is no tag, the microchip provides a peace-of-mind back-up to reunite animals with their owners.

Syneroid CEO, Tom Ickovic, added “we are so excited about this revolutionary new product; it’s the realisation of our dream of bringing pet identification from the analog past of old engraved metal tags to the digital present and future with the GPC Smart Tag that will help pets become reunited by with their owners faster than ever before”


Find out about the new GPC Smart Collar Tag at APCO 2022 on booth 1641 / Syneroid Technologies

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