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Neutralise pet odour with assorted scented essential oils- glass jar wax candle
Up to 70 hours long lasting slow burning candles ideal for home-kitchen-bedroom-laundry-pets room
Eliminate rather than mask cats dogs animals birdcage natural smelly odours ideal for house-office-work-kennels
Candles that are a really simple and effective solution at removing unwanted doggy smells with family and friends visiting
Not just for pet owners but effective on smoke and household odours

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Pet Odour Exterminator Candles not only look great and smell fantastic, but more importantly their unique enzyme Formulation Attacks and REMOVES Pet Odours when burning. REMOVES Pet Odours when burning. These candles are made in the USA with a specially formulated enzyme that will attack and remove dog, cat, reptile and small animal odours. Pet Odour Exterminator Candles also remove smoke and household odours. Each 13oz candle burns approximately 70 hours.